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Travel through the Jewish year with us!

From High Holidays to Shavuot, we'll send out eight boxes for key holidays. Boxes will ship two weeks before the holiday so that they have plenty of time to reach you, and we'll send an email ahead with any shopping lists so you can get started right away.
Your journey will start as we prepare ourselves for the power of the High Holidays. At Rosh Hashanah, learn about the Jewish Calendar and how everything connects back to it. You'll learn about everyday brachot (blessings), light the candles of Chanukah, and celebrate the trees at Tu Bishvat. Our joy will increase as we approach Purim, and then as Pesach (Passover) begins, we'll count the Omer together, culminating in Shavuot.
By the spring, we hope you'll have a more solid grounding in your Jewish heritage, and feel more comfortable in claiming your Jewishness every day.

How It Works: How It Works
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