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What Fits in the Box?

You've got an Omer Box (or it's on the way to you), now what do you fill it with? I mean, the drawers are adorably tiny, but that means there's a lot of things that just won't fit. That's okay! We've got ideas for what will.

Food Options

If you're filling it with something edible, you should keep in mind that the first 7 days (6 in Israel or if you're Reform) are still Pesach. That means you should probably pick things that are kosher for Passover (I mean, it's your box, you do you). You have a huge advantage that we don't: the selection of delicious Pesach candies that are not individually wrapped is a lot larger.

  • Chocolates: Lindt and Ferrero truffles (the 48-piece set is at Costco!). Hershey's kisses (in about ninety flavors). Tootsie rolls. Mini peanut butter cups.

  • Non-chocolate candies: Starburst. Gummy everything. Hard candies.

  • Easter candy. Nobody said you have to fill the whole box before Pesach starts. Easter candy goes on sale April 10! Mini cadbury eggs fit, and some of the Hershey's Easter candies are still kosher!

  • Tea bags. 49 days of afternoon tea, anyone?

  • One marshmallow. Or several mini marshmallows.

Tiny Treasures

If your kids are anything like mine, they have managed to collect a truly surprising number of tiny choking hazards. Prizes from the dentist, teeny erasers, finger puppets. We have a place for them to go, now! My kids loved taking a drawer on a hunt around the house to find Things That Fit. Here's what we found:

  • Mini capsule toys from the dentist

  • Small sheets of stickers (or large sheets cut into smaller sections)

  • Legos or puzzles. Pick a set with 100-200 pieces, then put a few pieces in each day (Have you seen the kits from Jbrick??). For adults and older kids, check out nanoblock or some of these Lego knock-off birthday party packs

  • Finger puppets

  • Pokemon figures

  • Jewelry. Maybe not expensive jewelry or every day (I mean, I don't know your budget), but you can definitely fit a pair of earrings or a necklace in there!

Treasure Hunt

Just because your chosen treasure doesn't fit in the boxes doesn't mean that's the end of the story. You can set a scavenger hunt, with little printable cards to go in each box that give a clue where the actual prize will be. If you've got a little extra mental energy, try matching the item to the day's Kabbalist value. (Printable coming soon!)

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