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I have dreams of bringing you a L’Dor V’Door Havdalah video with all the brachot and instructions to guide you through. In the meantime, these videos can help you instead. They all use Debbie Friedman’s Birchot Havdalah.

Moishe House Rocks Havdalah video

This is a great sing along video with all the brachot and instructions for how to do Havdalah. Sometimes, the words to the brachot appear a little more slowly than you actually need them, but if you have the Havdalah Brachot card, that should let you catch up.

BBYO Sings: Havdalah video

This is a great video that sings slow enough for you to sing along, and includes the words of the brachot as well as the guitar chords. It does not use the full brachot for the Blessing of Separation for some reason, however.

The Maccabeats and Netanel Hershtik Join the World in Making Havdalah

This is not a sing along video, at all. But it really shows the magic of Havdalah, and if you’ve got five minutes, I highly recommend giving it a listen.

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